What is Pur?

Pur.is is a comprehensive sustainable business directory. Our goal is to work towards opening up public access to information that can help us all make more sustainable choices within our daily lives.

We focus on businesses that incorporate the UNs Sustainable Development Goals into their primary ethos, and all businesses must support working towards solutions that surround at least one of the seventeen UN targets.

Learn more about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals here.

Building a Sustainable Network

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, spanning many industries. We’ve built pur.is to cover every angle, wherever you may need a sustainable business in your life, we’re working on finding the one to match.

We work with innovators and decision makers to ensure the options available through pur.is are in line with our ethos. Focusing on pushing sustainable cities and businesses that are creating new solutions to the issues we face.

Developing Local Knowledge

Our Focus

Pur.is focuses on local. Knowing what sustainable businesses exist on the other side of the world is great, but our search gives ease-of-access to businesses and events relevant to your local area. Making it quick and simple to find sustainable solutions near you.

Be The Change

Supporting change doesn’t need to break the bank. The majority of sustainable business alternatives out there are generally the same price as non-sustainable options, it’s just knowing where to find them. With our quick search the options are available in an instant.

Sharing Sustainable Solutions...It's What We Do!




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